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Is a professional seller free to choose his customers?

Freedom of trade should imply the right of the professional seller to choose his customers. While this principle largely applies in a relationship between professionals, it is not the case when the seller is a professional and the buyer is a consumer. An article from our law firm published by the website on 24 November 2021 takes stock of this issue.


Selective distribution: what commitments?

A supplier who uses selective distribution for the sale of his products or services is entitled to work only with resellers who meet the selection criteria he defines. This form of distribution allows for qualitative distribution. The website published on 27 October 2021 an article by our law firm on this particular type of distribution.


What is an abuse of economic dependence?

A company is sometimes dependent on a customer or supplier who takes advantage of this to impose unfair commercial conditions. The offence of abuse of economic dependence makes it possible to deal with this situation. However, the conditions for its implementation are rigorous. Explanations in an article by our firm published on 24 September 2021 by the website


This year again, our law firm was pleased to participate in the training of lawyers within the framework of CAMPUS by leading the training on unbalanced clauses in commercial contracts. Some pictures of the closing of CAMPUS 2021 in the garden of the Maison de la Chimie in Paris on 8 July 2021.


Can a former employee set up a business competing with that of his former employer?

It is legitimate for an employee to want to set up a business, but often the project is developed in the same field of activity as the job previously held. Is this possible without generating conflict with the former employer? Answer in an article of our law firm published on July 23, 2021 by the website


As in previous years, André Bricogne and Xavier Henry will be speaking at Campus Paris 2021 (training course for lawyers) on 7 July 2021 from 4:45 pm to 6:45 pm on the topic “Unbalanced clauses in commercial contracts (Article L. 442-1, I, 2° of the Commercial Code)”. This year, Campus is 100 % digital and 100 % face-to-face at La Maison de la Chimie in Paris (75007). Registration is open.