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Business secrecy: protection that is not without limits

In 2018, rules to protect business secrets were introduced into the Commercial Code. Some commercial information held by companies can benefit from this protection, which is not however absolute. The website published on 7 February 2023 an article by our law firm on this protection.


Should a commercial agent’s serious misconduct be included in the letter terminating the contract?

Serious misconduct on the part of the commercial agent deprives him of any compensation in the event of termination of the contract by the principal. However, can the principal invoke a posteriori a serious fault not indicated in the letter terminating the contract? The French Supreme Court has recently modified its position on this subject. Explanations in an article by our law firm published on January 5, 2023 by the website.


Telephone canvassing: strict rules to be respected

Telephone canvassing by a professional to a consumer is highly regulated. A government regulation of 13 October 2022 further strengthens the obligations of professionals in this area. Review of these rules in an article by our law firm published by the website on 25 November 2022.


Geoblocking: a tempting but forbidden practice

Some websites are not always accessible to all Internet users because of their geographical location or their nationality. However, in the European Union as well as in France, this practice called “geoblocking” is forbidden. Examination of this prohibition through an article of our law firm published by the site on October 4, 2022.


Late payment of invoices can be costly

The French Commercial Code requires companies to comply with strict deadlines for paying their invoices. In the event of late payment, companies are not only liable to pay substantial interests on late payments but also to pay an administrative fine with a high maximum limit. On 31 August 2022, the website published an article by our firm on this topic.